All the numbers of HaBaWaBa 2016

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HabaWaba Festival 2016 - Villaggio Ge. Tur
20-25 June 2016
Lignano (UD)
Photo P. Mesiano/Insidefoto/

The 9th edition of HaBaWaBa International Festival is ending today: all the little players are leaving Villaggio Ge.Tur to come back home. Some of them will be here again in a year, for the 10th edition: not only U9 kids, that will change category, but U11 too. They could join HaBaWaBa Plus U13, the WPD competition born last January and dedicated to Under 13 category.

Next year we could see again Nicolò Masiero, player of Italian Latina Aquademia, awarded during the Closing Ceremony with the Golden Baby, the award that goes to the youngest player of HaBaWaBa International Festival.

HaBaWaBa 2016 broke many records. We’ve already written about the 123 attending team (98 in U11 competition, 25 in U9) and now thanks do Delta I.S.O. data we can have the proper status of this extraordinary 9th edition.

Let’s start with the kids, the real stars of the event: the International Festival 2016 had 1.446 players, a real record for HaBaWaBa, leaded by such as 402 coaches and team managers. Participation of parents and supporters was great: 1.376 “family” free passes were recorded. Waterpolo Development arranged a real army of people to organize the event: 91 members of staff worked at Villaggio Ge.Tur.

Overall, 3.325 people attended at HaBaWaBa International Festival, that confirms itself as the greatest sports event dedicated to kids of the entire world.

During 6 days of HaBaWaBa tournaments, 5.135 goals were scored and 587 games were played: goal average was 8,7 per game.

Anyway, the numbers can not tell the joyful atmosphere of the Villaggio Ge.Tur: in 2017, for the 10th edition of HaBaWaB International Festival, we strongly recommend you to come here and enjoy it live!


Nicolò Masiero, vincitore del Golden Baby. In alto un'immagine del Palazzetto dello Sport durante la cerimonia di chiusura (foto DeepBlueMedia).

Nicolò Masiero, winner of Golden Baby Award. Above a picture of Closing Ceremony at Palazzetto dello Sport (foto DeepBlueMedia).


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