Attila, an icon of determination

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OSC Attila Torok HaBaWaBa IF 2019

If you fall in love with waterpolo, nothing can stop you. That is proven by Attila Torok, a little player of OSC, a historic club from Budapest at his first time at the HaBaWaBa International Festival. Attila, 11, has diabetes, but this disease didn’t stop him from becoming an excellent striker. “I started playing when I was 7, no one ever told me I couldn’t have done it. It’s not an issue for my parents, they trust my coaches”, he said. Attila has brought insulin with him HaBaWaBa. “If I need it, I’ll inject it myself”, he told us. 

He’s a real champ, who dreams of becoming like his idol, the three-time Olympic champion Gergely Kiss. “He’s left-handed and I’m right-handed, but I don’t care. He’s my favorite”. Attila arrived at HaBaWaBa International Festival with a very specific goal: “Here there are teams from many countries, but we believe we can beat them all”. He’s young and determined, but we already got that.



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  1. Anna says:

    Congratulation! Never ever give up!
    Cheers from Hungary, Dunaújváros

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