HaBaWaBa 2016 told by who was there

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HaBaWaBa International Festival 2016 confirmed itself as an extraordinary event, a unique tournament in youth sports’ landscape. That was showed even by the word of the people that were in Villaggio Ge.Tur: they are now writing to us to tell “their HaBaWaBa”.


Ildiko Szedlmayer, KSI coach: “There is another way of teaching and training kids: To train them with love, positive advices, sense of humour and much more creativity. I believe in it, they are my partners in my work. We went to play, to learn, to get experiences. We won. It is the greatest, what could happened to us. Thanks to everybody who had organized HaBaWaBa for the KIDS”.

Daniele Bettini, Bogliasco coach: “I’m very happy, HaBaWaBa was an experience I really wanted to live. My daughter Dafne attended it for four editions and finally I’ve seen with my own eyes all her stories about it: she was right, HaBaWaBa is wonderful. You don’t have time to get bored, you keep playing and having fun for a week, always smiling. We laughed, got excited and touched, we felt emotions that increased our passion for waterpolo and for our team”.

Zoltan Szabo, Szeged technical director: “Everybody should see what happen at HaBaWaBa. There is an incredible atmosphere thanks to teams from all over the world and the presence of the families of the kids. We played in a beautiful place, a sports center that includes a beach. HaBaWaBa gives every child a great experience and it makes every team better. The finals looks alike the Champions League final: teams are introduced with their own national anthems and they play in a packed pool. Than you have the closing ceremony with the awards, the diplomas and the medals for every player”.

Marco Trucco, Quinto coach: “HaBaWaBa was extraordinary for all of us. You really don’t care about winning there, but we improved constantly our game during the week. We enjoyed the time together, HaBaWaBa was a real chance to grow up as a team and as friends. We had a lot of fun moments outside the pool”.

Sportiva Sturla on Facebook: “We’re coming home touched by an unforgettable experience for all of us, kids and coaches. And now we’re ready to play again waterpolo!”

Muri Antichi Catania on Facebook: “No regrets for the defeats, but a huge joy and a lot of fun in this exciting experience”.

Andrea Doria Genova on Facebook: “A week of emotions, fun and sports pleasure. Every kid will bring home the most important trophy: the friendship that increased by fighting and being together during this unforgettable week”.

Roberto De Gennaro, Latina sports executive: “At the end of HaBaWaBa I asked every kids to grade this week from 1 to 10. Everyone said 10, the maximum positive grade, except a kid that said… 11! You don’t need to win to have kids happy and motivated to keep playing waterpolo. When HaBaWaBa ends, everything you lived stays with you forever. This event is an emotional rollercoaster: urrah for HaBaWaBa!”.



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