In 2016 Waterpolo Development started a new competition, HaBaWaBa Plus U13, an event reserved to Under 13 waterpolo players that stands beside HaBaWaBa International Festival, that is dedicated to Under 11 and Under 9 players only. As its “older brother”, HaBaWaBa U13 Plus was held at Villaggio Ge.Tur in Lignano Sabbiadoro. Some rules are different to make the game faster and more dynamic. The first edition of HaBaWaBa Plus U13, held from January 2nd to 6th, was attended by 16 teams coming from 7 different countries: Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Hungary, Spain, France and Italy. Catalan Club Nataciò Barcelona won the tournament. The 2nd edition was held at Villaggio Ge.Tur on June, 2017, from 20th to 25th:  WPD was overwhelmed by the number of registration requests, so the tournament was extended to 28 teams, instead of 24, coming from 8 countries: Finland, France, Hungary, Montenegro, Poland, Slovenia, USA and Italy. The 3rd edition of HaBaWaBa Plus U13 took place on June 2018, from 24th to 30th,  at Bella Italia EFA Village, in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy. The major innovation was the birth of a tournament dedicated to girls beside to the male competition. The 4rd edition will be held by the same venue on June 2019, from 23rd to 30th. Below you can find the registration guide, the registration form and the new tournament rules.   CLICK HERE FOR THE REGISTRATION GUIDE OF HABAWABA PLUS U13 2019 CLICK HERE FOR THE REGISTRATION FORM - HABAWABA PLUS U13 2019 CLICK HERE FOR HABAWABA PLUS U13 2019 RULES