A more dynamic and faster game, with less whistling. That’s the outcome of the changes to the HaBaWaBa rules introduced in 2019 by Waterpolo Development at HaBaWaBa International Festival and HaBaWaBa PLUS U13. Now this result is also confirmed by a research by Andrea Perazzetti, young waterpolo coach and master student at the University of Rome “Foro Italico”: during the last Festival, Perazzetti collected data regarding the games played by his team Roma Vis Nova U11, and then he compared it with those about the games of the U11 regional league, played by the old rules.

Perazzetti’s analysis shows that the 2019 HaBaWaBa rules produced matches with an higher volume of play, an higher number of passes and shots and less whistling, and therefore a lesser number of game interruptions.

So that research is a statistical confirmation of what we already seen during the last two major HaBaWaBa events in summer 2019.   

Read the Andrea Perazzetti’s analysis about the impact of the changes to the HaBaWaBa rules



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