Someone says referees don’t train…

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Meeting arbitri Saeli

What an intense night for the young referees of HaBaWaBa PLUS U13, under their chief Dante Saeli and his assistant Antonio Pais: while everyone at Bella Italia Village parties or chills after a long day of competitions, the referees prepare themselves for the Thursday games, the “in or out” round.

The meeting began at 22:00 with Saeli’s recommendations: to pay attention in the first place to the body position, in order to not lose sight of important spots as the penalty areas; to take care of the gestures after a whistle; an finally, to whistle with greater decision.

However the focus of the meeting is about the preparation of the difficult following day, that eliminatory round that will increase the tension of the tournament but that should not distract the referees from their task. Then Saeli reviews all of the things not to be forgotten, such as the list of 5 shootouts shooters per team, who will decide the outcome of the game in case of a tie at the end of normal time.

At last, referees video review some special cases, in order to analyze mistakes or to highlight correct choices.

It was a useful and long night to clarify doubts, of course, but also to help the young referees to stay focused in the most intense part of both the tournaments.

Of course, it’s hard to mantain the focus after an entire warm day spent refereeing games. Despite everything, here they are: focused, motivated and curious even almost at midnight. And someone keeps saying referees don’t train…




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