The Gezira wave floods HaBaWaBa 2016!

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HabaWaba Festival 2016 - Villaggio Ge. Tour
20-25 June 2016
Lignano (UD)
Photo D. Montano/Insidefoto/

Teams keeps arriving at HaBaWaBa International Festival 2016. Everyone at Villaggio Ge.Tur have noticed the “green wave” of Gezira, the club from Cairo that didn’t want to miss the 9th edition of the Waterpolo Development event. Egyptians have exaggerated this time, bringing to Lignano Sabbiadoro 4 squads and 53 little waterpolo players: thanks to these numbers, Gezira is the club with more attendees at the current edition.

Friends of Gezira, welcome back to HaBaWaBa!


4 Responses to "The Gezira wave floods HaBaWaBa 2016!"
  1. Gilan says:

    Egypt Egypt
    Gizera Gizera
    Here are the Egyptians

  2. Ahmed says:

    We Egyptians Love to move in Bulk 🙂

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