Waterpolo is an Olympic sport of great tradition. Unlike other more famous team sports which enjoy a huge fan base, waterpolo lacks universality but it does have interesting potential for development. In some areas of the planet, it is nevertheless very developed, in others less so and in others, the sport is not practised at all. This is why Waterpolo Development, WPD, operates to increase how much the sport is played in all 5 continents. It is a non-profit association founded in 2007 by some of the most important personalities of the world waterpolo scene. It also includes high-level multi-disciplinary consultants. WPD operates in full compliance with the powers and prerogatives of FINA, the continental and national federations, with whom WPD deals with on constructive and virtuous collaborative projects, which often also involve the clubs. In addition, it also offers advice and support from experts in the industry as regards the organization of HaBaWaBa events throughout the 5 continents.   GOALS The main objective is therefore the promotion, dissemination and development of waterpolo in the 5 continents in order to make it universally practised and to build up an optimal standard aimed at: 1. generating interest in the new target group; 2. improving media coverage; 3. developing an interest in waterpolo to increase the presence of the spectators; 4. improving the attractiveness of the sport to sponsors.   STRATEGY WPD believes that the most appropriate means to achieve its objective of widening the base of waterpolo as much as possible in the world is to approach children aged 6 to 11 years old, and with this in mind, the idea of the HaBaWaBa International Festival was devised and born. Over the years WPD, in Italy and abroad, has organized conferences, forums, workshops and meetings in relation to the services offered. In addition to its official website - - it is one of the leading portals following the waterpolo world, providing a service not only that of giving information, but also that of promoting water polo too.