HaBaWaBa U9, KSI win and bring Hungary on the top!


KSI Blue Dolphins is the HaBaWaBa Champion in U9 category. The team from Budapest beats French Marseille Bull Sharks at shoot-out: 5-4 the finals score, with 3-3 tie at the end of the two ordinary periods. Thanks to KSI, Hungary win for the first time the HaBaWaBa International Festival. The names of HaBaWaBa 2016 Champions: […]

HaBaWaBa, Festival of many cultures


Integration and cultural exchange: this is the topic of the workshop attended by the kids of HaBaWaBa International Festival. The Waterpolo Development event isn’t just a sports tournament, but a real chance to educate the children to be good citizens. Attending the workshop isn’t like being at school: therapists Francesca Badiglioni and Silvia Toti, supported […]



Below the correct rankings and schedules of tomorrow (June 24th). No variations in Day 5 Schedules of U11 tournament: they are the same of those announced at the end of the technical meeting.   U11 TOURNAMENT – DAY 4 RANKINGS U11 TOURNAMENT – DAY 5 SCHEDULES (June 24th)   U9 TOURNAMENT – DAY 4 RANKINGS U9 TOURNAMENT – DAY 5 SCHEDULES (June […]

Paolo De Crescenzo got to HaBaWaBa 2016!


Paolo De Crescenzo has got to HaBaWaBa International Festival. Escorted by his   graceful wife Cinzia, the 9th edition testimonial came to the Villaggio Ge.Tur along with the heat. “But the weather will not stop me enjoying this extraordinary event”, he said. De Crescenzo, 66 years old, was chosen as the face of HaBaWaBa 2016 […]