From when it was born, HaBaWaBa International Festival has hosted participating teams with youngsters coming from four different continents: Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

During the years, the number of participating teams has more than quadrupled: 30 teams competed in the first edition, whilst in 2019, they will be 136. A success that demonstrates the quality of the format of HaBaWaBa, which was designed to receive, share and spread the obvious great desire to play waterpolo throughout the world. To meet this demand, a series of local events sharing the HaBaWaBa ideals has been organized in parallel to the HaBaWaBa International Festival, creating the HaBaWaBa International Circuit.


Currently, these are the stages of the HaBaWaBa International Circuit: 

HaBaWaBa North America in Montreal (Canada)

HaBaWaBa Greece in Athens

HaBaWaBa Spain in Reus

HaBaWaBa Asia in Singapore

HaBaWaBa Egypt in Hurghada


Waterpolo Development and its partners are working to build new HaBaWaBa events in Argentina and other countries.