HaBaWaBa International Festival 2018

HaBaWaBa International Festival 2018: rules & format

The event will take place on June, from 17th to 24th, at Bella Italia & EFA Village in Lignano Sabbi …

February 6, 2018

HaBaWaBa Plus U13 2018: rules & format

The event will be held on June, from 24 to 30, at Bella Italia & EFA Village in Lignano Sabbiadoro ( …

February 6, 2018
HaBaWaBa International Festival

Welcome back Gezira!

Missing in 2017, Egyptians will participate in the International Festival 2018. Their waterpolo acad …

January 23, 2018

It’s HaBaWaBa fever!

A hundred registrations for the International Festival in just one month: Hungarians Angyalföldi and …

December 14, 2017

HaBaWaBa International Festival 2018, registration open

Roman Sport City sent their request at midnight sharp, followed by Waterpolo Verona and Libertas Vir …

November 8, 2017
HaBaWaBA in Italy
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HaBaWaBA Plus U13

The great Bogliasco at HaBaWaBa Plus U13

The prestigious Italian club will participate in the women tournament. Coach Rogondino: “It’s import …

January 18, 2018

HaBaWaBa Plus U13 2018: registration started

In few hours 16 teams already signed up for the 3rd edition: Debrecen was the first one in the male …

November 15, 2017

Posterivo: “HaBaWaBa Plus U13 is a chance for the girls”

Plebiscito Padova registered for the new Under 13 women’s tournament at Lignano Sabbiadoro. Posteriv …

November 14, 2017
HaBaWaBA in the World

Barcelona is getting ready for HaBaWaBa Spain

On July, in parallel with LEN EC, the Catalan capital will host a new HaBaWaBa event for Spanish, Po …

January 12, 2018

HaBaWaBa Greece is back in Glyfada

The 3rd edition will take place on July 2018, from 5th to 8th, at Glyfada Nautical Sports Club

November 3, 2017

HaBaWaBa Greece, what a show in Alimos!

The success of the Greek stage of the HaBaWaBa International Circuit is increasing: 455 attendees in …

August 3, 2017