All the teams of the HaBaWaBa International Festival 2019

Next June, from 16th to 23rd, 136 teams from 10 countries will arrive at Lignano Sabbiadoro for the …

February 21, 2019

HaBaWaBa PLUS U13 2019: here registration and new rules

Starting today you can register your team for the 4th edition. Wpd changed the regulation in order t …

November 15, 2018
HaBaWaBa Festival

HaBaWaBa International Festival 2019: tournaments format

Click here to discover both the U11 and U9 competitions

March 19, 2019

How HaBaWaBa is the new Setterosa!

Cergol, Giustini and Bettini fell in love with waterpolo at the International Festival. Now they’re …

December 13, 2018

The new rules of HaBaWaBa International Festival 2019

WPD changed part of the regulation in order to protect the spirit of the game and to help the skills …

November 8, 2018
HaBaWaBa Plus U13

Get ready to register for HaBaWaBa IF and PLUS 13 2019

HaBaWaBa International Festival registration will open on November 5th, HaBaWaBa PLUS U13 registrati …

October 22, 2018

HaBaWaBa is coming, save the date of 2019 events!

Bella Italia & EFA Village in Lignano (Italy) will host the HaBaWaBa International Festival on June …

October 1, 2018

HaBaWaBa PLUS U13 2018: the gallery of the finals

The images of the last day of the competition by DeepBlueMedia

June 30, 2018
HaBaWaBa nel mondo

HaBaWaBa Egypt will take place in Hurghada

Senzo Club will host the 1st edition of the event on April, 4th-7th. Egyptian Federation: “Teams fro …

February 5, 2019

What a start for 2019: HaBaWaBa Egypt is born!

Agreement was reached between Waterpolo Development and Egyptian Swimming Federation: Africa will al …

January 4, 2019

“HaBaWaBa Asia is inspiring for kids”

Thailand head coach Daniele Ferri tells us the Chiang Mai Team’s experience at the kids event in Sin …

December 27, 2018
HaBaWaBa Italia
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