Other projects

In 2018, HaBaWaBa will get to Africa thanks to a new stage of its international circuit: HaBaWaBa Egypt. The event will be held at Senzo Sporting Club in Hurghada, one of the most famous tourist attraction of Egypt.

S-Team Sports Management, who organizes HaBaWaBa Egypt, aims to host teams not just from Africa, but also from Europe and Middle East: the goal of the event is to let the kids, the coaches and the parents experience a great international tournament and a real New Year Eve holidays in such an amazing and fascinating place as Hurghada, a full of history and culture city.


The city of Dubai (United Arab Emirates) will host the first edition of HaBaWaBa UAE: the tournament will be organized by United Arab Emirates Swimming Federation.


Brazilian club ABDA Baura aims to organize an HaBaWaBa event in Brazil, thanks to the collaboration with the local federation (CBDA): that stage would add South America to the HaBaWaBa international circuit, helping Waterpolo Development to spread waterpolo and sports values to the children in that area.

ABDA Baura is already working with WPD to realize HaBaWaBa Brazil: big news are coming…


Furthermore, Waterpolo Development is working to create new HaBaWaBa events in Spain and England.