The name HaBaWaBa is an acronym that comes from the union of the first syllables of the phrase “Happy Baby Water Ball” to represent the joy of a child while playing with a ball in the water.

The event, conceived and organized by Waterpolo Development today is patronaged by CONI, and supported by FINA, LEN – European Aquatics, FIN.
It is the most important event dedicated to 6 to 11 year-old children coming from all over the world. It involves athletes, coaches, managers, fans and families. The event is aimed at the waterpolo promotion and spread all over the five continents, in connection with clubs and federations.

The HaBaWaBa International Festival it is considered by many people the “Little water polo players big Olympics”.

HaBaWaBa International Festival Objectives

The importance of the Habawaba International Festival lies in the following points:

  1. The yellow ball in the blue water attracts both children who can not swim and the ones who have learned to swim, and this avoids that they can leave the pool for other sports.
  2. To create a water polo school you just need small spaces and inexpensive equipment that does not represent a burden for the swimming pool budget.
  3. The link waterball for 6 to 11 year-old children is the only opportunity for water sports to win the competition with other sports that attract them thanks to play and fun.
  4. Involving families we create spectators, fans and potential leaders.
  5. The enthusiasm and interest arising from a joyful global event, promote and sow the seed of water polo more than any other effort.

Fun and Ethics

Nowadays, while we assist to many harmful sport examples, HaBaWaBa is thought to teach children the real sport values.

Format and Rules

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