HaBaWaBa Venezia

Waterpolo & culture

HaBaWaBa arrives in the most beautiful city in the world to let the young players live an unforgettable experience during the winter. Since January 2nd to 6th, 2023, waterpolo and culture come together in a unique opportunity for kids, coaches and parents.

HaBaWaBa Venezia is organized by NDV Tour Operator in cooperation with Waterpolo Development. 

Dates & venues

The 1st edition of HaBaWaBa Venezia is scheduled from 2nd to 6th January, 2023. The teams will be hosted at A&O Hotel in Mestre, the competitions will be held in four of the most important swimming pools in the metropolitan city of Venice and they will end in the Palazzetto Gianquinto at the Arsenal of Venice. The location that will host the teams will be the A&O Hostel.


HaBaWaBa Venezia has 3 different age categories and 3 different competitions: the U10, U12 and U14 tournaments, all of them for boys, girls or mixed team.

Tours in Venice

HaBaWaBa Venezia combines participation in a world-class sporting event with the chance to visit and learn about a thousand-year-old city that is among the most beautiful and famous in the world.
When they're not playing the competition, the little athletes will be able to discover the wonders of Venice thanks to tours included in the program and event fee.
In addition, a special opportunity is offered to parents of HaBaWaBa players. In fact, those who are interested in visiting Venice and its surroundings can take advantage of family packages for accommodations and tours organized by New Deals Venice Tour.

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