Alejandra, a star revealed at HaBaWaBa

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Spagna U17 Aznar con premi

In HaBaWaBa International Festival 2011 everybody falled in love with a little Spanish leftie girl: she used to play in Mediterrani and she drove her male and female opponent crazy with her terrific shots and surprising speed. Six years later, that girl has become one of the greatest promise of Spanish waterpolo: her name is Alejandra Aznar and some days ago she won the U17 European Championships in Novi Sad, being awarded also as MVP and best scorer of the competition. Just as she did at HaBaWaBa 2011. Before to come back to Sant Andreu, her club trained by her own father Javier, Alejandra has participated in U20 World Championships in Volos, gaining the 4th place with Spain. There we met her again.

Alejandra, what do you remember of HaBaWaBa International Festival? 

I was really young, but I remember HaBaWaBa as my first international tournament. It was fun to go abroad with all my teammates.

How important was HaBaWaBa to increase your love for waterpolo? 

HaBaWaBa let me play against many new opponents. I think that helped me a lot.

You are already an international player, your father is a coach: how important is waterpolo in your life? 

Waterpolo is very important to me, alse because I spend a lot of my time training in the pool. Waterpolo is my life.

What do you do outside the water? 

I study, but not so much… (she laughs, ed.). I like to watch tv series and to sleep.

What’s your dream? 

I would like to go to the Olympics and to win the gold medal.

Interview made with the help of Nikos Charalampopoulos 

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