All the teams of the HaBaWaBa International Festival 2019

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HabaWaba Festival 2018
Lignano Sabbiadoro Villaggio Bella Italia
Photo Deepbluemedia

Another record-breaking event. Next June, from 16th to 23rd, the HaBaWaBa International Festival will bring 136 teams from 10 different countries to the Bella Italia & EFA Village in Lignano Sabbiadoro (Italy) for the biggest sporting event in the world dedicated to children: 112 teams registered for the U11 tournament, 24 squads will participate in the U9 competition. 

The 12th edition of the Festival will be played by little waterpolo players from Brazil, Greece, Egypt, France, Monaco, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Hungary and of course Italy. Hungary will be the country to bring more teams after Italy (21), followed by France (17). However also Spanish and Swiss waterpolo will come back to the Festival thanks to the returns of Helios (from Zaragoza) and Lugano. 

Many teams will make their debut at the HaBaWaBa International Festival, such as French Aix en Savoie, Toulon and Lille Metropole, Hungarian OSC and Sote, Italian Ama Vivi Nuota (from Vicenza) and Osimo Nuoto. Egyptian teams will double their presence: along with Gezira, a permanent presence at the Festival, in 2019 also New Giza Sport Club will also take part in the event.     

The HaBaWaBa International Festival will start on June 16th, with the teams arrival at Bella Italia & EFA Village. Both the two tournaments will begin the following day, both the finals are set for June 22nd. The next day the teams will leave the Village, so that it will be ready to host the participants in the 4th edition of the HaBaWaBa PLUS U13, scheduled on June, from 23rd to 30th. 



ASD RN Verona RN VERONA Italy Verona
Abda Bauru ABDA BRASIL U9 Brazil Bauru
Akrosport Roma AKROSPORT ANTARES Italy Rome
Amatori Nuoto Perugia LUPETTI PERUGIA Italy Perugia
Aquademia ASD AQUADEMIA SHARKS Italy Velletri (Rome)
Club Aquatico Pescara CLUB AQUATICO U9 Italy Pescara
CN Posillipo COCCODRILLI Italy Naples
KSI BLUE DOLPHINS Hungary Budapest
Manianpama MANIANPAMA XS Italy Monteporzio C. (Rome)
Mulhouse Water Polo MULHOUSE BIBELE France Mulhouse
My Sport/Andrea D. FREGUGGE Italy Genova
New Giza Sport Club NG PHAROS Egypt Giza
Nuoto Club Monza BLUE WAVE CRABS Italy Monza
PACA Team Azur TEAM AZUR PACA Monaco Monaco
Pallanuoto Salerno PALLANUOTO SALERNO Italy Salerno
Patras nautical Club PATRAS NC DIAS Greece Patras
Pécsi Sport Nonprofi Zrt. PSN ZRT. U09 Hungary Pecs
Italy Savona
Roma Vis Nova LEONCINI DI RVN Italy Rome
Swim Academy SWIM ACADEMY Italy Pagani (SA)
Team Strasbourg STRASBOURG  STORK 9 France Strasbourg
Waterpolo Club of Eger EGER-SEALION Hungary Eger
Waterpolo Club of Eger EGER-DOLPHIN Hungary Eger







A.O. Kastellas A.O.KASTELLAS Greece Piraeus
Abda Bauru ABDA BRASIL U11 Brazil Bauru
Akrosport Roma Pallanuoto AKROSPORT ROMA Italy Roma
Ama Vivi Nuota AMA VIVI NUOTA Italy Vicenza
Amatori Nuoto Perugia GRIFONI PERUGIA Italy Perugia
AN Brescia AN BRESCIA Italy Brescia
Angyalföldi Sport Iskola ASI-MSA Hungary Angyalföld
Antares Nuoto Latina ANTARES LT SQUALI Italy Latina
Antares Nuoto Latina ANTARES LT PIRATI Italy Latina
Aqavion AQAVION Italy Brusciano (Na)
Aquademia ASD AQUADEMIA SHARKS Italy Velletri (Rome)
Aquatica Torino AQUATICA TORINO Italy Turin
AS Monaco Natation MONACO DREAM TEAM Monaco Monaco
ASD Andrea Doria A. DORIA BIANCHI Italy Genoa
ASD Andrea Doria A. DORIA BLU Italy Genoa
ASD Bogliasco 1951 BOGLIASCO BLU Italy Bogliasco (Ge)
ASD Bogliasco 1951 BOGLIASCO BIANCO Italy Bogliasco (Ge)
ASD Como Nuoto COMO NUOTO Italy Como
ASD Pallanuoto Trieste TOP PLAYERS Italy Trieste
ASD Pallanuoto Trieste TOP BOYS Italy Trieste
ASD R.N.Verona R.N. VERONA Italy Verona
ASVO Water Polo ASVO L’ISLE-ADAM France L’Isle-Adam
Avus Aligator AVUS Hungary Szombathely
Blu 3000 BLU 3000 Italy Grottaferrata (Rome)
C.C. Ortigia C.C. ORTIGIA Italy Syracuse
Cabassi Pallanuoto Carpi CABASSI PALLANUOTO Italy Carpi
Cachalots CACHALOTS France Six-Fours
Cercle 93 CERCLE 93 B France Noisy Le Sec, Livry Gargan e Saint Denis
Cercle 93 CERCLE 93 A France Noisy Le Sec, Livry Gargan e Saint Denis
Club Aquatico Pescara CLUB ORANGE Italy Pescara
Club Aquatico Pescara CLUB BLUE Italy Pescara
Club de Natation d’Aix en Savoie AIX EN SAVOIE France Aix Les Bains
Club Toulon Waterpolo TOULON WATERPOLO France Toulon
CN Helios CN HELIOS Spain Zaragoza
CN Posillipo COCCODRILLI Italy Naples
Comitè du Rhone PIRANHAS France Lyon
Crocera Stadium CROCERA STADIUM Italy Genoa
Dunaujvaros Water Polo Club DFVE BABIES Hungary Dunaujvaros
ENT Lille Metropole NEPTUNIANS France Lille
Etruria Pallanuoto ETRURIA PALLANUOTO Italy Empoli
FTC Telekom Waterpolo FTC-TELEKOM 1. Hungary Budapest
FTC Telekom Waterpolo FTC-TELEKOM 2. Hungary Budapest
Galatasaray GALATASARAY Turkey Istanbul
Gezira Sporting Club GEZIRA SHARKS Egypt Cairo
Jesina PN-Pro Recco Accademy JESINA PALLANUOTO Italy Jesi
KSI BLUE SHARKS Hungary Budapest
Lugano Pallanuoto LUGANO RED Switzerland Lugano
Lugano Pallanuoto LUGANO BLU Switzerland Lugano
Manianpama MANIANPAMA XL Italy Monteporzio C. (Rome)
Mulhouse Water Polo MULHOUSE WACKES France Mulhouse
Muri Antichi MURI ANTICHI Italy Catania
My Sport LAXERTI Italy Genoa
Nautilus Nuoto Roma NAUTILUS Italy Rome
New Giza Sport Club NG SHARKS Egypt Giza
New Giza Sport Club NG DOLPHINS Egypt Giza
Nuotatori Genovesi NGENOVESI BLU Italy Genoa
Nuotatori Genovesi QUINTO-GENOVESI Italy Genoa
Nuoto Club Monza MONZA RED CRABS Italy Monza
Nuoto Club Monza MONZA WHITE CRABS Italy Monza
Olympic Nice ONN 1 France Nice
Olympic Nice ONN 2 France Nice
OSC VSE Budapest OSC BUDAPEST Hungary Budapest
Pallanuoto Dalmine ONDA BLU DALMINE1 Italy Dalmine (Bg)
Pallanuoto Dalmine ONDA BLU DALMINE2 Italy Dalmine (Bg)
Patras Nautical Club PATRAS NC APOLLON Greece Patras
Patras Nautical Club PATRAS NC POSEIDON Greece Patras
Pays D’Aix Natation PAN PINGUIN France Aix-En-Provence
Pécsi Sport Nonprofi Zrt. PSN ZRT. Hungary Pécs
Pescara Pallanuoto PESCARA PIOVRE Italy Pescara
Pescara Pallanuoto PESCARA POLPI Italy Pescara
Polisportiva Balnaea Battipaglia BALNAEA ARGONAUTI Italy Battipaglia (Sa)
Polisportiva Coop Parma COOP PARMA Italy Parma
Pont de Claix Grenoble PONT DE CLAIX France Grenoble
President Bologna PRESIDENT BOLOGNA Italy Bologna
Pro Recco Academy KAIMANI Italy Recco
Pro Recco Academy KOCCODRILLI Italy Recco
R.N. Arenzano BIG TEAM ARENZANO Italy Genoa
R.N. Arenzano LASTEAM ARENZANO Italy Genoa
R.N. Bologna R.N. BOLOGNA Italy Bologna
R.N. Camogli RAVATTI Italy Camogli (Ge)
R.N. Florentia R.N. FLORENTIA Italy Florence
R.N. Imperia 57 RARI  IMPERIA Italy Imperia
R.N. Roma Vis Nova R.N. ROMA Italy Rome
R.N. Savona BRANDALE SAVONA Italy Savona
R.N. Savona CHIABRERA SAVONA Italy Savona
R.N. Sori SORI Italy Sori (Ge)
Roma Vis Nova ROMA VIS NOVA A Italy Rome
Roma Vis Nova ROMA VIS NOVA B Italy Rome
SC Quinto BIANCHI Italy Genoa
Pallanuoto Como PALLANUOTO COMO Italy Como
San Mauro Nuoto SAN MAURO NUOTO Italy Casalnuovo (Na)
Sète Natation SETE France Sète
Sote SOTE Hungary Budapest
Sportiva Sturla SPORTIVA STURLA Italy Genoa
Swim Academy SWIM ACADEMY Italy Pagani (Sa)
SZVPS Szeged SZVPS SZEGED Hungary Szeged
Tatabanya VSE Waterpolo Club TATABANYA Hungary Tatabanya
Team Osimo Nuoto TEAM OSIMO NUOTO Italy Osimo (An)
Team Strasbourg STRASBOURG STORK France Strasbourg
Váci Vízilabda VAC WATERPOLO Hungary Vác
Venere Azzurra TESTUGGINI Italy La Spezia
Villa Aurelia Sporting Club ARMADILLI Italy Rome
Virgiliana Mantova VIRGILIANA MANTOVA Italy Mantova
Waterpolo Bari WATERPOLO BARI A Italy Bari
Waterpolo Bari WATERPOLO BARI B Italy Bari
Waterpolo Club of Eger EGER-SHARKS Hungary Eger
Waterpolo Club of Eger EGER-OCTOPUS Hungary Eger
Waterpolo Club of Szolnok SZOLNOKI DOZSA Hungary Szolnok
Waterpolo Palermo WATERPOLO PALERMO Italy Palermo
Zero9 ZERO9 UNDER 11 Italy Rome
ZF Eger EGER-ALIGATOR Hungary Eger
ZF Eger EGER-PENGUIN Hungary Eger



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