“HaBaWaBa friends, together we’ll be stronger than before”

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Italian website Il Mattino interviewed Waterpolo Development President Bruno Cufino who explained the reason of the postponement of HaBaWaBa International Festival 2020 and HaBaWaBa PLUS U13 2020 until late summer: “Health comes first for Waterpolo Development”, he said. Cufino also talked about the very hard situation that water sports will be in during the coming months due to the coronavirus emergency: “The world of sports and in particular water sports, that have more expensive management issues, are experiencing huge problems in this particular moment – WPD president added -, the future will certainly require more careful and planned management, otherwise we’ll have a great economic losses which will cause damages to senior level sports”. “However when the emergency will be over and everything will start again as we hope – Cufino continued – sports managers will have to understand that senior level cannot survive without a broad sports base, which is the foundation of sports at any level, the source which to develop the culture from”.  About that, Cufino claimed the success of the non-profit association he chairs. “The work done for over 13 years by Waterpolo Development, which in this dramatic moment I have the honor and the moral duty to represent of, has been crucial for the development and improvement of waterpolo throughout the world. Let’s think of the great increase of waterpolo practitioners caused by HaBaWaBa, which year after year has expanded the waterpolo family worldwide“.  Therefore, according to Cufino “it’s not rhetorical saying that to keep HaBaWaBa alive is vital to the whole waterpolo community. I’m sure HaBaWaBa events will have great participation, despite the change of dates”. “Together we will be stronger than before,” president of Waterpolo Development stated.  According to the decision of the WPD Board, the 13th edition of HaBaWaBa International Festival will take place from 30th August to 6th September, 2020; the 5th edition of HaBaWaBa PLUS U13 has been postponed to 6th-13th September, 2020.                 

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