Hungarian double at HaBaWaBa: Pecsi won the U11 race!

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Pecsi festa 2019 U11

An intense and exciting final game, in front of almost 3,000 spectators at the Olympic pool: Pecsi was the winner of the U11 Gold category of HaBaWaBa International Festival 2019, winning 9-5 over Savona Brandale. Pecsi have had an unique way to approach the final: the Hungarian kids have danced during the team presentations and many of them have kept dancing until the start of the game. And after the success, some wild celebrations started… In the semifinals, the two teams had defeated respectively Szolnok and Szeged, which will both gain the bronze medal. With the success of Pecsi following KSI victory in U9 category, Hungary achieved its first double win at the HaBaWaBa International Festival. 

The teams will be awarded during the closing ceremony, at the start at 8 p.m. in Bella Italia & EFA Village Sports Palace. In addition to the teams winning the Gold tournaments and minor competitions, all of the 134 teams participating in the 12th edition will receive a trophy. The HaBaWaBa testimonial Fabio Bencivenga, Alexandra Araujo, Francesco Postiglione, Marco D’Altrui, Zsolt Varga and Zoltan Szecsi will deliver cups and medals to the kids. 

The Fair Play award – assigned by referees and officials on the basis of the scores collected at the end of each game – was given ex aequo to Lupetti Perugia (Ita) and Manianpama XS (Ita) in the U9 category and to the Hungarian Sote in the U11 category.    






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