HaBaWaBa International Festival: clinics’ program

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HabaWaba Festival 2017 - Villaggio Ge.Tur
21 June - 02 July 2017
Lignano (UD)
Photo Deepbluemedia.eu

HaBaWaBa International Festival give not only the children but also the coaches an opportunity to improve, thanks to the experience on the pool deck and the technical clinics elevated by the presence of very important guests. The 2017 program includes two events, both of them in Hotel Pineta – Sala Blu, starting at 21:30: the first is scheduled tonight, the second tomorrow.

Two guests today, the first one is Mino Di Cecca, current head coach of the Italian U17 National team. Di Cecca is a coach with large experience with young waterpolo players:. “Experiences of an U11 Coach” is the title of his report. At 22:00 the lecture by Yiannis Giannouris, WPD councillor and technical director of the Festival, who has been studying and updating of waterpolo training methodology for years. Giannouris will talk about “Drills to practice basic individual skills for teams U11, U09”.

Important waterpolo people will be also present tomorrow, Thursday June 29th. At 21:30 we will have the conference of Paul Metz, former Dutch female national team’s head coach, who has been moved to New Zealand since many years. He is the founder of SuperCoachOnline.nl, a platform for sharing waterpolo and other sports training methodologies. “Planning the training for teams U11 and U09” the topic of his lecture. At 22:00 Mino Di Cecca’s new report: “Waterpolo and other sports: can we change anything”?. In the end, at 22:30, the HaBaWaBa International Festival will have the honour of hosting Ratko Rudic, author of the lecture “Constructing a player for the future”.


Wednesday 28th June 2017

21:30 Experiences of an U11 Coach –  Mino Di Cecca, Italy   

22:00 Drills to practice basic individual skills for teams U11, U9 – Yiannis Giannouris, Greece 


Thursday 29th June 2017 

21:30  Planning the training for teams U11 and U09 – Paul Metz, Netherlands

22:00  Water Polo and other Sports: can we change anything? – Mino Di Cecca, Italy 

22.30  Constructing a player for the future – Ratko Rudic, Croatia  



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