HaBaWaBa International Festival officially open!

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HabaWaba Festival 2017 - Villaggio Ge.Tur
21 June - 02 July 2017
Lignano (UD)
Photo Chiara Perlino/Deepbluemedia.eu

The sky is dark above Lignano Sabbiadoro, but the weather could not stop the HaBaWaBa International Festival 2017. The 10th edition of the most important youth waterpolo event in the world has officially started: the day of today is dedicated to teams’ arrival. They are quite a lot: 132, an absolute record in HaBaWaBa history. More than 1.500 little athletes, boys and girls, are coming to Villaggio Ge.tur, that is transforming into a true waterpolo town. Tomorrow the U11 and U9 tournaments will start.

HaBaWaBa Festival 2017 - Photo/ Insidefoto/ Deepbluemedia.eu

HaBaWaBa Festival 2017 –
Photo/ Insidefoto/ Deepbluemedia.eu

As always some teams have moved up their arrival: Brazilian Abda Bauru got the Village yesterday at the dawn and then they watched the finals of HaBaWaBa Plus U13, the other competition organized by Waterpolo Development.

While Under 13 athletes are leaving Lignano, Under 9 and Under 11 are coming, crowding the Villaggio. You could watch the images of the little players arriving or going away on our Facebook page (HaBaWaBa International Festival).

The long wait is over, now the party can start: the 10th edition of HaBaWaBa International Festival is ready to offer smiles and tears, joy and emotions, all of those will come from the beauty of waterpolo.

Because nothing is like the HaBaWaBa International Festival! 




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  1. Fabiola says:

    Que lindo!!!! Arrasou no corte de cabelo!!!! Boa sorte meninos!!! Detona ABDA, estamos torcendo por vcs…

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