HaBaWaBa Plus U13: groups and schedule

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Who is going to win HaBaWaBa Plus U13? We’ll have to wait until January 6th to answer that question, when the 1th edition of the tournament created by Waterpolo Development and dedicated to Under 13 water polo players will be finished.

The event organized with the patronage of Fina and Coni will start on January 2nd at Villaggio Ge.Tur in Lignano Sabbiadoro (Italy). Sixteen teams from 7 different countries will join the tournament: they will come from Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Spain, France and Italy.

The teams of HaBaWaBa Plus U13: Ferencvaros Torna Club Waterpolo (Hun), Mentalfitol Szeged (Hun), YBL WPC Budapest (Hun), WPC Partizan (Srb), VK Primorje (Cro), Academija Cattaro (Mne), Club Nataciò Barcelona (Esp), Olympic Nizza (team name Les Aiglons de Nice, Fra), Como (Ita), Alma Nuoto (Ita), Rari Nantes Verona (Ita), Spunzillo Salerno 2003 (Ita), Spunzillo Salerno 2004 (Ita), Pescara (Ita), Plebiscito Arechi (Ita), Etruria (Ita).



The tournament has two phases. Phase A will consist of 4 groups with 4 teams each: all teams will match with other ones within their group, (“round robin”: each team matches the other 3 teams of their group).

The Phase A groups:

Group 1: WPC Partizan (Srb), Les Aiglons de Nice (Fra), Spunzillo Salerno 2003 (Ita), Como (Ita)

Group 2: FTC Waterpolo (Hun), Academija Cattaro (Mne), Alma Nuoto (Ita), Rari Nantes Verona (Ita)

Group 3: C.N. Barcelona (Esp), Mentalfitol Szeged (Hun), Spunzillo Salerno 2004 (Ita), Pescara (Ita)

Group 4: VK Primorje (Cro), YBL Budapest (Hun), Plebiscito Arechi (Ita), Etruria (Ita)

Once Phase A is finished, we will have Phase B that will consist of 2 groups with 8 teams each (“round robin”): in B-G1 we will have teams placed first and second in every group of Phase A; in B-G2 we will have teams placed third and fourth in every group of Phase A. In Phase B teams will not play against opponents they have already matched with in Phase A and they will just keep the points gained against them.

The team placed 1st in B-G1 will be the winner of HaBaWaBa Plus U13. B-G2 will define placements from 9 to 16.



Phase A schedule – January 3rd

Phase B schedule – January 4th-5th



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