HaBaWaBa Plus U13: who will stop Barcelona?

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I catalani del Club Nataciò Barcelona

After day 2, Club Nataciò Barcelona is the team to beat at HaBaWaBa Plus U13. Yesterday Catalans won all three matches in Phase A and today they gained other four victories in first part of Phase B, becoming the only unbeaten team of the tournament. Barcelona topped Akademija Cattaro (6-2), YBL Budapest (12-0), Spunzillo Salerno 03 (9-2) e Partizan (12-1), reaching 15 points in B-G1 group ranking.

Catalans are leading, but they can not celebrate yet: they have to play against Ferencvaros and Plebiscito Arechi to be champions of first edition of HaBaWaBa Plus U13. Hungarians (9 points and 3 games to play) are still on the run for the final victory, as Spunzillo Salerno 03 (12 points and 2 games to play): tomorrow the final showdown.

In group B-G2, that defines positions from 9 to 16, Spunzillo Salerno 04 and Alma Nuoto have left their marks on day 2 winning all of their matches.


Click here for results, group rankings and tomorrow schedule. 




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