HaBaWaBa Spain is born!

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HaBaWaBa Spagna firma Carpena Consolo

Spain join the HaBaWaBa International Circuit. Waterpolo Development has come to an agreement with the Real Federación Española de Natación (RFEN) to promote waterpolo events dedicated to Under 12 category in Spain. The agreement was signed by RFEN president Fernando Carpena and WPD founder and councilor Bartolo Consolo during the Len Congress of Marseille.

HaBaWaBa Spain will develop in two different ways: in the first place, RFEN will promote local 12U waterpolo events in various areas of the country; then RFEN will organise a big national Festival during the next European Waterpolo Championships in Barcelona, scheduled on July 2018, from 14th to 28th.

“We have been rewarded for our efforts to involve national federations into the HaBaWaBa project – Consolo said -: we are very pleased with the collaboration with Spain, one of the most important federations in waterpolo history. This agreement confirms that we are on the right track: we hope now that other federations could follow the example of Spain and also that international organizations such as Fina could understand that HaBaWaBa is a key instrument in increasing the waterpolo community”.



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