Little Vittoria is the Golden Baby 2019

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Golden Baby 2019 Vittoria Gerosa tagliata

The Golden Baby of the 12th edition of the HaBaWaBa International Festival is only 5, she is born in Dalmine (province of Bergamo, Italy) and has waterpolo in her blood. Her name is Vittoria Gerosa and she was born on July 13, 2013: she is the youngest player of the entire Festival. 

The Blue Wave Crabs of club Nuoto Club Monza, finalists in the Bronze U9 competition, is her team. She’s very shy, however with few words she explains why she’s playing HaBaWaBa: “I wish to become as good as my mother”. Vittoria, in fact, is the daughter of Erika Lava, former goalkeeper of the Italian national team Setterosa, who won the gold medal at the European Championships in Ljubljana and the silver medal at the World Championships in Barcelona, both in 2003.      

Vittoria and her teammates of Blue Wave Crabs

Vittoria and her teammates of Blue Wave Crabs

Vittoria's sweet smile

Vittoria’s sweet smile




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