Mattia, at HaBaWaBa at any costs

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Mattia LOmbardo e Pro Recco Academy U9

This year, the best testimonial of the passion for HaBaWaBa is surely Mattia Lombardo, a young player of Pro Recco Academy U9, a team built thanks to the cooperation between the famous Italian club and Nuotatori Genovesi. Last May Mattia was hit by a car, risking his life and being seriously injured. 

Once the danger has passed, Mattia decided to take part at any costs in the HaBaWaBa International Festival along with his team, in which also his twin sister Matilde plays. Therefore it’s a real pleasure to see him here with us at Lignano Sabbiadoro, even if is on a wheelchair, along with Pro Recco Academy U9, all his teammates and coaches Giovanna Rosi and Luigi Boldrini.

Bravo Mattia, you really have the HaBaWaBa spirit!



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