Newport Beach finally at HaBaWaBa!

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Newport Beach

This morning U11 and U9 tournaments started at HaBaWaBa International Festival: 1.400 kids have played into 5 pools of Villaggio Ge.Tur. The two competitions will finish on Saturday, when the Olympic Pool will host both the finals. Among the teams that will debut in HaBaWaBa there is Newport Beach, that have established a new record: due to an airport delay in Atlanta, the Californian squad has got to HaBaWaBa 33 hours late.

Despite the long journey, the american little players seemed quite lively at Villaggio Ge.Tur, where they have met three italian kids that will complete their team. Their parents appeared certainly more tired: they could get over the jet lag resting by the Lignano beach.

The Newport Beach’s lateness didn’t put the U11 tournament’s regularity at risk: the debut game of the American team against Italian Venere Azzurra was delayed to 8 p.m..

You can find the tournaments results LIVE SCORE here:


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