Paolo De Crescenzo got to HaBaWaBa 2016!

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Paolo De Crescenzo all'HaBaWaBa
Paolo De Crescenzo has got to HaBaWaBa International Festival. Escorted by his   graceful wife Cinzia, the 9th edition testimonial came to the Villaggio Ge.Tur along with the heat. “But the weather will not stop me enjoying this extraordinary event”, he said. De Crescenzo, 66 years old, was chosen as the face of HaBaWaBa 2016 because of his passion for sports and waterpolo, even more than for his extraordinary success of a player and coach. “I’ve been in the pools for 55 years, I was the age of the children that play HaBaWaBa when I started. I hope they will fall in love with this sports as it happened to me”. De Crescenzo was immediately struck by the joyful atmosphere that reigns at the Villaggio Ge.Tur. "The kids should have fun, that’s the thing that really matters. Here it seems that their parents and coaches have understood it”. De Crescenzo will speak to the coaches tonight, as special guest of the technical meeting that is held daily at HaBaWaBa, at the end of the day of competition. The topic of his speech will be the training of trainers in the management of the group. The program also includes the speech of another myth of our sports, the American Dante Dettamanti, the most successful coach of the US college waterpolo, former assistant coach of Team USA and one of the founders of waterpolo teaching. Yesterday Dettamanti gave a presentation about exercises to teach the children the fundamentals of attack. Today is scheduled the second lesson: the counterattack.      

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