Posterivo: “HaBaWaBa Plus U13 is a chance for the girls”

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The women’s tournament is the great innovation of HaBaWaBa Plus U13 2018, scheduled next June, from 24th to 30th, at Bella Italia & EFA Village in Lignano Sabbiadoro (Italy). Five teams already registered, including Plebiscito Padova: the U13 team coached by Italian champion Alessia Millo will participate in the event. “We decided to join HaBaWaBa Plus U13 women’s tournament because we need to take every chance to promote female waterpolo”, Plebiscito’s head coach Stefano Posterivo said. “The U13 category is crucial to the female movement. Italy have are too few athletes: USA have 24 thousand female waterpolo players from 14 to 18 years old, Italy have 2 thousand women playing waterpolo at all. We have to do something to broaden the number of athletes: HaBaWaBa Plus U13 is a chance to do it”.

Posterivo won three Italian Leagues coaching Plebiscito Padova

Posterivo won three Italian Leagues coaching Plebiscito Padova

Stefano, you know HaBaWaBa world well.

I’ve been at the International Festival and I know what we’re talking about. All HaBaWaBa events are a very meaningful experience for the kids, they have the chance to play at international level and to live a wonderful life experience.

One of the rules of HaBaWaBa Plus U13 forbids the player to stay for more than 5 seconds in the centerforward position. That rule aims to promote the dynamism of the game and to develop the technical skills of the girls. What do you think about it?

The centerforward will always be an essential element of waterpolo, as the goalkeeper, but at a high level players have to be more and more eclectic. Every girl has to know how to drive or to play as centerforward. In contemporary waterpolo, a more eclectic player has more chances to stand out.

Plebiscito aims to win the Scudetto every season, however your club always leaves room to young players.

Every club can have a long sequence of victories only if it has a good youth academy. Also due to some injuries, in the current season we played with three U17 players in out first team. We hope to increase the production of good players in our academy more and more.


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