What a start for 2019: HaBaWaBa Egypt is born!

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habawaba cinque

HaBaWaBa lands in an another continent. Waterpolo Development is pleased to announce the agreement with ESF, the Egyptian Swimming Federation, which will organize the 1st edition of HaBaWaBa Egypt by 2019. 

The new event will be part of the HaBaWaBa International Circuit, a project that stands alongside global events as HaBaWaBa International Festival and HaBaWaBa PLUS U13 and that aims to bring HaBaWaBa all over the world through various local events. Since 2015, 4 editions of HaBaWaBa North America took place in Montreal (Canada), 3 editions of HaBaWaBa Greece were played in Athens and last summer Barcelona hosted the 1st HaBaWaBa Spain. Few days ago, in December, Singapore held the 1st edition of HaBaWaBa Asia; also HaBaWaBa Argentina will debut in Mar del Plata by 2019.

Counting HaBaWaBa Egypt, the HaBaWaBa International Circuit will reach 4 continents: its aim is still to spread the love for waterpolo and the sports values among the kids all over the world. 




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