HaBaWaba is getting bigger. Waterpolo Development has created HaBaWaBa Plus U13, a new competition for Under 13 waterpolo players that stands beside HaBaWaBa International Festival, that is dedicated to Under 11 and Under 9 players only.

Players born from 2003 can join HaBaWaBa U13 Plus, that will be held in January 2016, from 2nd to 6th, at Villaggio Ge.Tur in Lignano Sabbiadoro, the same venue of HaBaWaBa International Festival.

Clubs can register from October 15th to November 15th 2015. You may find every specific information about registration and tournament rules linked down below. The game is quite different from HaBaWaBa U11 and U9.

“We have tried to adjust HaBaWaBa game to older players – said Waterpolo Development president Lucio Pisani -. Aiming to a more dynamic game, we created a new rule: during the game in equal numbers, an attacker can not stand in front of the goal and up to 5 meters for more than 5 seconds. Also you play with 7 players in the water and 30 seconds limit of the possession of the ball, just as senior waterpolo. Every match has 4 fixed times of 7 minutes each, with 2 minutes interval between times. Everything else in HaBaWaBa Plus U13 is similar to HaBaWaBa International Festival: for example the location is still Villaggio Ge.Tur, the  best place for that kind of event”.

HaBaWaBa Plus U13 will accept 16 teams: if you want to join it, let’s register as soon as possible. Entries will close early if the teams exceed the limited number expected 16.


HaBaWaBa Plus U13 Registration Guide


Tournament Registration Form


HaBaWaBa Plus U13 Rules



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